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Private Fish Stocking Application / Permits

A well managed lake or pond adds a spot of beauty and tranquility to your landscape and provides food, cover, and water for an amazing array of creatures. However, a poorly managed lake or pond can damage surrounding habitat, require frequent maintenance, and endanger people and wildlife. The following information is designed to provide guidance to avoid the most common mistakes made in lake or pond management, whether your lake or pond is a wildlife sanctuary, ornamental, a water source for livestock, or an irrigation source for agriculture or orchards. Learn more >>

Fish Transport Application / Permits

The purpose of the Fish Transport Permit   is to protect our native fish species and ensure that: (1) the live finfish being brought into Washington State are free from reportable fish pathogens; (2) that undesirable fish species if introduced into Washington State waters could cause harm to native species; and (3) that Aquatic Invasive Species do not get shipped with the desired fish species. Learn more >>