WDFW has formally discontinued all work and contracts associated with the pursuit of a federal Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for the HPA Program. This information is being provided for archival purposes only.


ARCHIVE - Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)


Proposed WAC Changes

Conceptual Simplified HPAs

Meeting Information

Public Involvement

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been working very hard to revise the HPA Program during the past two years.  We want to improve the program so we can routinely deliver regulatory certainty and consistency, improve internal and external efficiencies, ensure transparent decision-making, and improve program effectiveness.  These actions will deliver some cost savings for applicants, improve the overall effectiveness of the program, eliminate inconsistencies between the statute and the rules, and enhance a transparent decision making process with our stakeholders. 

The proposed changes to the HPA program adopt many of the recommendations made by the HPA Task Force in the 2002, or are in response to feedback from our customer service survey program, Tribes, and the regulated and non-regulated communities. Many of these program changes can only occur through revising our current rules. 

We initiated this rule update a few years ago, but needed to delay the effort due to budget reductions to the program.  We are now able to resume that work due to an extension of federal funding we received to develop a Habitat Conservation Plan.  The HPA rule update will resolve several inconsistencies between the 1994 rules and statutory changes made in recent years (tidegates, stormwater, etc.). 

To help us with our rules update, we have invited representatives of our stakeholders to provide comments to  us in a series of meetings in late 2011. We have included several agencies and organizations in our stakeholder committee to provide input on how to balance protection of fish life and economic impacts. We have also invited the Tribes. WDFW staff will be present at these meetings. The department will consider and respond to suggestions and concerns made by committee members.  Committee members are asked to work with other people within their interest group so that there is broad representation of their concerns and suggestions. 

The public at large can provide input in writing. Send your comments by e-mail to hydraulichcp@dfw.wa.gov .  If that is not possible, there will be opportunities later to review the draft rules and provide comment during State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review and the rule adoption process.

Timeline for Development and Adoption of New HPA Rules
(Chapter 220-110 WAC)

Oct 2011

WDFW distributes first draft of new HPA rules to stakeholders and Tribes

Oct 2011 – Mar 2012

WDFW solicits oral comments on draft rules during meetings with stakeholder and tribal representatives, and written comments from stakeholders, tribal representatives, and the public

Mar – Nov 2012

WDFW modifies draft in response to comments received; solicits review of modified draft from Attorney General office, and from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA Fisheries, and Forest Practices Board; WDFW adjusts draft rules as necessary

July 2012 – Jan 2013

WDFW analyzes the economic impacts of proposed rules

Oct 2012 – May 2013

WDFW writes and solicits review of, and finalizes environmental impact study under State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Feb – Mar 2013

WDFW files draft rules with Code Reviser; solicits comment from the public

Mar – May 2013

Public comment period on proposed rules; Fish and Wildlife Commission holds rulemaking hearing and votes on adoption of proposed rules

Aug 2013

Rules become effective