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WDFW Enforcement officers in the process of responding
to and immobilizing problem black bear and cougar
Black Bear

This bear was a 1 1/2 year old male black bear who was rummaging through garbage cans for food in late December, 1999. He was captured in the culvert trap 3 blocks from downtown Issaquah, Washington. Officers Macrae and Overly transported the bear to the Cascade Mountains where they constructed a makeshift den for him prior to his release.

Officer Chandler darting black bear with tranquilizer as WDFW veterinarian Doctor Briggs Hall looks on.

Officer Chandler and Dr. Hall attach numbered ID tag to bear's ear.

This 124 pound, 1 1/2 year old male cougar was captured in Kent, Washington in a heavily populated neighborhood. The cougar had been treed in a western cedar by the property owners dog. The cougar was tranquilized, ear tagged, radio collared and relocated to an undisclosed location in the Cascade Mountain range.

Same cougar in trap. Notice his ear position... This means watch out!

The cougar's future locations will be monitored and recorded. He will most likely encounter one or more adult male cougar who will fight to defend and keep their territory.
Sometimes we use hounds to track the cougar and bear for relocation.....these are 2 of the best!

Fish & Wildlife Officer with an immobilized cougar.