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Dangerous & Problem Wildlife

Dangerous Wildlife Incident Reports

RCW 77.12.885
Reported predatory wildlife interactions - Web site posting.

The department shall post on its internet web site all reported predatory wildlife interactions, including reported human safety confrontations or sightings as well as the known details of reported depredations by predatory wildlife on humans, pets, or livestock, within ten days of receiving the report. The posted material must include, but is not limited to, the location and time, the known details, and a running summary of such reported interactions by identified species and interaction type within each affected county. For the purposes of this section and RCW 42.56.430, "predatory wildlife" means grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars.

This information on dangerous wildlife incidents is taken from reports from citizens made to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Program. Dangerous Wildlife incidents that were not reported will not be on the list. Multiple reports from citizens on the same encounter are recorded as one incident. Multiple reports that are very close in time and geographic location may be recorded as one incident. Not all reported dangerous wildlife incidents are verifiable.

Please click on the appropriate link to obtain information on the various incidents throughout the state.

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NOTE: The location of all wolf and grizzly bear dangerous wildlife reports will be placed at the center of the 36 square mile Township grid where the sighting is reported. Cougar reports may be located in the general vicinity of the incident. All reports will appear within 24 hours of the reported observation. The location on the Dangerous Wildlife Reporting Tool does not reflect the exact location of the incident.