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Would you like to advertise your
wildlife sanctuary?
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife looks forward to acknowledging your efforts to provide habitat for wildlife where you live or work. Fill out this application and within two weeks of receiving it, we’ll send you a personalized certificate suitable for framing, a yard sign to educate others about your habitat project, and a subscription to our “Crossing Paths” newsletter.
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Attract wildlife to your landscape by providing shelter and food with these basic construction projects, complete with diagrams and instructions.

bullet About Nesting and Roosting Boxes for Birds
bullet Basic Songbird Nest Box
bullet Robin, Barn Swallow and Phoebe Nest Platform
bullet Barn Owl Nest Box
bullet Flicker Nest Box
bullet Downy and Hairy Woodpecker Nest Box
bullet Kestrel, Saw-whet Owl and Screech Owl Nest Box
bullet Douglas Squirrel (Chickaree) and Flying Squirrel Nest Box
bullet Roost Box for Songbirds
bullet Wood Duck Nest Box
bullet Economy Bat Houses
bullet Post Bat House
bullet Suet Feeders for Birds