Final opportunity to harvest spot shrimp in Marine Areas 7-East and 7-West begins Sept. 10


Katelyn Bosley 360-302-3030, ext. 319

OLYMPIA – The 2020 Puget Sound recreational spot shrimp season will end with a 5-day opening in Marine Areas 7-East and 7-West, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) announced today.

With spot shrimp still available in the recreational quota in Marine Areas 7-East and 7-West, shrimpers will be able to harvest shrimp in these areas Sept. 10 through Sept. 14. 

"We saw a strong turnout for spot shrimp openings in Marine Areas 6 and 9 earlier this month,” said Katelyn Bosley, Puget Sound crustacean biologist. “Effort was lower than we initially expected in Marine Areas 7-East and 7-West, so we’re happy harvesters will have another opportunity to catch these prized shrimp before fishing officially ends for the season.”

Management plans don’t allow spot shrimp harvest after Sept. 15 in these areas to protect egg bearing females.

Anglers will also be able to optimize their time on the water with multiple fisheries still open, including salmon and crab.

The daily limit is 10 pounds of all shrimp with a maximum of 80 spot shrimp in areas open to spot shrimp harvest. Only pots with a minimum 1-inch mesh are allowed when retaining spot shrimp.

A valid 2020-21 combination license, shellfish license, or Fish Washington license is required to participate in the fishery.

WDFW managers remind shrimpers that traps can be set one hour before official sunrise during any open period in the marine areas without specified harvest hours. The pots must be removed from the water in these same areas by one hour after sunset at the end of an open period.

More information on recreational shrimp seasons, and a description of the marine areas, is available on WDFW's recreational shrimp fishing section of the website.

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