News release corrections


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Jeff Weathersby, (360) 902-2256
OLYMPIA -- A press release issued Sept. 13 about the opening of several beaches to shellfish harvesting contained some errors.

The release should have said three beaches reopened for oyster harvesting on Monday. They also opened for clam harvesting on the same dates.

Dosewallips and Potlatch state parks opened to oyster harvesting Monday and will remain open until further notice. They are also open to clam harvesting. A fourth beach, Seal Rock Forest Service Camp, remains open to the harvest of both shellfish species.

Mystery Bay State Park reopens Oct. 1 and remains open until further notice. The beach currently is closed by the Department of Health because the shellfish in the area contain high levels of marine toxins. Fishers should call the Department of Health Marine Biotoxin Hotline (1-800-562-5632) before harvesting in October.

The beaches are reopening because they contain harvestable numbers of oysters. Harvesters should check the Sports Fishing Rules pamphlet for additional regulations.

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