Water access areas

Recreate responsibly to protect yourself, others, and the outdoors.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) manages hundreds of water access areas throughout Washington, providing recreational access to the state’s lakes, rivers, and marine waters. Some WDFW owned properties are managed for water access by other agencies and are subject to those agencies’ rules.

A Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass is required at all WDFW recreation lands. A Vehicle Access Pass provides access only to WDFW lands and is provided with the purchase of many hunting and fishing licenses. Discover Passes can be purchased separately and provide access to additional state lands, including state parks.

WDFW does not regulate the general use of watercraft on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers, marine areas, or other waters. Boating restrictions, including motorized boating prohibitions, are established by local ordinance. Consult your local county or city for information.

Toxic algae and other surface water advisories are issued by local jurisdictions. Consult your local county or city for current information.

Camping is allowed on select eastside water access areas. Camping facilities such as tent or RV pads, fire rings, and picnic tables are generally not provided.

Find water access areas

ADA facilities
Name County ADA facilities
Fiorito Ponds Kittitas Restroom
Highway 10 Take-out Kittitas Parking
Kinghorn Slough Kittitas
Lavender Lake Kittitas
Mattoon Lake Kittitas Dock
Mile Post 10 Kittitas
Mile Post 8 Kittitas Parking, Restroom
Robert & Anna Bell Kittitas
Teanaway Junction Kittitas
Teanaway River Kittitas
Thorp Kittitas
Thrall Kittitas Restroom
Woodhouse Ponds Kittitas