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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Program 2007 Annual Report

Category: Agency Plans and Reports - Annual Reports

Date Published:  2007

Number of Pages: 40

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This report acknowledges the outstanding work of the 160 employees of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Enforcement Program in 2007. We continue to make improvements in order to achieve our mission of protecting citizens and our state’s precious fi sh and wildlife resources. Please contact me at if you have any comments or questions regarding this report.


Enforcement Program Vision

Safe, orderly, and quality experiences for all who enjoy natural resources.

Enforcement Program Mission Statement

We serve Washington’s citizens by achieving compliance with laws focused on fish, wildlife, habitat, and public safety; providing responsive public service; promptly resolving conflicts between humans and dangerous wildlife; and forming partnerships with the public and other agencies and governments to benefit our natural resources.

Enforcement Program Values

  • Professionalism - Our actions communicate pride in our chosen profession and ourselves. We are adaptive and progressive, investing in continuous learning, development, and innovation to accomplish our mission.
  • Respect - We value diversity, fairness, and teamwork. We believe in respectful, open, and honest communication in our relationships. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated.
  • Integrity - Our conduct always befits the Public Trust. We live by the standards we set for ourselves and the public expects us to uphold. We have the courage to hold each other accountable. We lead by example.
  • Dedication - We have a sense of purpose and are selflessly committed to protecting Washington’s natural resources, a cause larger than any of us. We value commitment, yet recognize the need to achieve balance in our lives.
  • Excellence - We value efficiency and effectiveness and are customer oriented. We are strategically oriented to achieve results that advance our mission.