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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Program 2003 Annual Report

Category: Agency Plans and Reports - Annual Reports

Date Published:  2003

Number of Pages: 39

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Message from Chief Bruce Bjork

The men and women of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Enforcement Program are charged with an extremely diverse set of duties and responsibilities within a state known for its fish, wildlife, and habitats. These valuable resources, once thought to be limitless, must be properly managed, protected and sustained for future generations. To properly and effectively perform our duties and responsibilities we communicate and cooperate with our communities, reach out and educate citizens, and enforce those laws necessary to protect fish and wildlife and the safety of all persons.

As Chief of the Enforcement Program, I am very proud of the work our Officers perform every day to help promote the “quality of life” all of us value in Washington State. The information contained in this annual report summarizes activities in some critical areas and attempts to demonstrate the dedication each member of the WDFW Enforcement Program has for the fish and wildlife resources we are sworn to protect.