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Barker Creek Instream Flow Study

Category: Habitat - Instream Flow

Date Published: November 2006

Number of Pages: 34

Author(s): Hal Beecher, Terra Hegy, Paul Nelson, Bob Vadas, Keith Folkerts, Steve Boessow, and Richard Bazzell


As part of a 10-year Comprehensive Plan Update process required by the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) and associated with watershed management planning conducted in accordance with the Watershed Planning Act (RCW 90.82), Kitsap County Department of Community Development (DCD) seeks information on how different land use and water management options will affect the natural resources of Kitsap County. One of the resources of interest is the fish community of Barker Creek, which flows into the northern end of Dyes Inlet east of Silverdale. Specifically, Kitsap County recognized that additional growth could occur in the Barker Creek watershed, resulting in more impermeable surface, which could be expected to modify hydrology of Barker Creek. Kitsap County DCD Natural Resources Division staff asked how changed hydrology would affect fish in Barker Creek and requested the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Habitat Science Division’s Water Team to conduct an instream flow study to evaluate how different flows would affect fish habitat. At the same time, Kitsap County contracted with Dr. Brian Skahill of the United States Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg Laboratory to model how different land use management would affect Barker Creek hydrology.

This report is intended for the use of Kitsap County and the Silverdale Citizens Advisory Committee. In the opinion of the authors, this report complies with the criteria for “Best Available Science” contained in WAC 365-195-905.