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Shillapoo Wildlife Area Fish Passage and Diversion Screening Scoping Report

Category: Habitat - Fish Passage Technical Assistance

Date Published: May 2007

Number of Pages: 15

Author(s): Tom Burns

This report summarizes the results of WDFW’s scoping efforts on the Shillapoo Wildlife Area to correct fish passage barriers and non-compliant surface water diversions identified in the Shillapoo Wildlife Area and Mt. St. Helens Wildlife Area Fish Passage and Diversion Screening Prioritization Inventory report (WDFW 2003).1 This report is a continuation of the effort to bring WDFW owned lands into compliance with RCW 77.57.030, which states that “a dam or obstruction across or in a stream shall be fitted with a durable and efficient fishway…” and RCW 77.57.010, which states that “a diversion device used for conducting water from a lake, river, or stream for any purpose shall be equipped with a fish guard…”.