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Skagit Wildlife Area Fish Passage and Diversion Screening Scoping Report

Category: Habitat - Fish Passage Technical Assistance

Date Published: January 2007

Number of Pages: 28

Author(s): Chris Detrick


This report is a review of work on the Skagit Wildlife Area (SWA) to identify and correct fish passage barriers and unscreened diversions. Correction of these barriers is part of a continuing effort to bring WDFW owned lands into compliance with RCW 77.57.030 which states that “a dam or obstruction across or in a stream shall be fitted with a durable and efficient fishway…” and RCW 77.57.010 which states that “a diversion device used for conducting water from a lake, river, or stream for any purpose shall be equipped with a fish guard…”

The inventory effort to initially locate and describe all structures on streams and channels of the SWA was completed in 2003 (Kunz et al. 2003). Barrier status for each was determined using the protocol of the Fish Passage Barrier and Surface Water Diversion Screening Assessment and Prioritization Manual (WDFW 2000). All metric and location information was entered into the Fish Passage and Diversion Screening Inventory (FPDSI) database, the department managed repository for data on structures in streams statewide.

The inventory information was field reviewed for accuracy with corrections made to FPDSI as needed. Options were identified that have, can or will correct or address those with barrier status including upgrades and removals. These are discussed below.

TAPPS has been working with regional staff and the District Team to develop and review the SWA management plan, now undergoing revision, to ensure fish passage problems have or will be corrected. TAPPS has also been working with other stakeholders on several projects that will be incorporated into the management plan to restore natural estuary and riverine processes that address some fish passage issues.