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WDFW Strategic Initiative – Caring for Washington's wildlife lands

Category: Agency Plans and Reports

Date Published:  2009

Number of Pages: 4

Contact Information: Jennifer Quan, Lands Division Manager, WDFW Wildlife Program, 360-902-2508


The much-treasured quality of life found in Washington state is strongly rooted in the natural beauty of its landscapes, habitats and open spaces. Its geography includes some of the most diverse ecosystems in North America, including estuaries and marine waters, lowland and mountain forests, grasslands, prairies and shrub steppe habitats.

This ecological diversity supports a remarkable variety of fish and wildlife species, which contribute to the economic, recreational and cultural life of the state.

However, these once plentiful and sustainable natural resources are in jeopardy. Population growth, residential and commercial development, water resource demands, the effects of climate change, land-use practices, and the spread of invasive species are disrupting vital habitat and damaging wildlife populations.

The stakes are high in the effort to preserve Washington state’s unique biodiversity. As we tackle this task it is even more critical to effectively manage Washington’s wildlife lands.