2012 Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program Annual Report
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2012 Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program Annual Report

Category: Habitat - Nearshore

Date Published:  2012

Number of Pages: 12


History and Vision

In 2006, the state Legislature, with the broad support of governmental, tribal, non-profit and private representatives from the region, created the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP) to advance nearshore restoration and to support salmon recovery. The program is managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), in partnership with the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO). It provides grant funding and technical assistance for restoration and protection projects within the nearshore of Puget Sound.

A lasting solution, not a band-aid

ESRP’s mission is to protect and restore the natural processes such as tidal flow, freshwater input, and sediment input and delivery that create and sustain habitats in Puget Sound. Projects funded by ESRP focus on removing the underlying causes of degradation such as shoreline armoring, dikes, blocked or undersized culverts, and other physical structures, thereby restoring the very processes that created Puget Sound’s rich and productive ecosystems. By addressing the underlying causes, not just the symptoms, ESRP sets in motion projects that are sustainable over time.