The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife produces hundreds of documents annually, outlining fish, wildlife, and lands management, scientific research, guidance for homeowners, local governments, and contractors, harvest summaries, and other materials.

Guiding Restoration Principles

Fred Goetz, Curtis Tanner, Charles Simenstad, Kurt Fresh, Tom Mumford, and Miles Logsdon

Guidance for Protection and Restoration of the Nearshore Ecosystems of Puget Sound

Fresh, K., C. Simenstad, J. Brennan, M. Dethier, G. Gelfenbaum, F. Goetz, M. Logsdon, D. Myers, T. Mumford, J. Newton, H. Shipman, C. Tanner (2004)

Historic Characterization of WRIA9 Shoreline Landforms

Jessemine Fung and Chris Davis

Nearshore Birds in Puget Sound

Joseph B. Buchanan (2006)

Native Shellfish in Nearshore Ecosystems of Washington State

C. Simenstad, M. Logsdon, K. Fresh, H. Shipman, M. Dethier, J. Newton (2006)

Coastal Habitats in Puget Sound: A Research Plan in Support of the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership

M. Dethier, K. Fresh, F. Goetz, M. van Heeswijk, T.M., Leschine, M. Logsdon, D. Myers, J. Newton, H. Shipman, C.A. Simenstad, C. Tanner, and D. Woodson (2006)