Washington State Watercraft Passport

AIS passport cover

The Washington State Watercraft Passport is free and available for use by the public. The passport is primarily designed for Washington residents who regularly transport recreational watercraft in and out of the state, but is available to any boater. The passport can help boaters to keep track of the waters they’ve visited and aquatic invasive species (AIS) inspection stations they’ve stopped at.

The passport is also an excellent education tool to learn about the risks aquatic invasive species pose to the state and how you can prevent the spread of AIS.  For those planning boating trips out of Washington, the passport includes contact information for AIS authorities in neighboring states and British Columbia. Passport holders whose watercraft and gear meet the clean/drain/dry requirements described in the booklet are likely to have shorter inspection times at AIS check stations.

1. Download the form

Download and fill out the Watercraft Passport Registration/Request Form.

2. Submit the form

Send completed Watercraft Passport Registration/Request Form to:

ais@dfw.wa.gov (PDF or scanned forms)

If you are submitting a hard copy, you can send it to:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Aquatic Invasive Species Unit
1111 Washington St SE, Olympia WA, 98501

Contact 360-902-2700 for any questions or problems you have regarding the form.

3. Get the passport!

WDFW will send you back a numbered Watercraft Passport for you to record your AIS prevention activities.