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What is Watchable Wildlife?

Blue and green Watchable Wildlife logo of state, man with hat looking through binoculars with bird perched on lenses.Watching your backyard feeder, gardening, hiking, climbing, beachcombing, hunting, fishing, taking a walk in your park or Wildlife Area, launching at a WDFW Access site and paddling or boating a beautiful body of water – all of these activities give you great pleasure and opportunities to WATCH WILDLIFE! In any season, you can watch wildlife and you don't have to have special equipment (although binoculars can get you that "up close and personal" view without getting too close). We are working on this webpage to provide you better information and tools so you can WATCH WILDLIFE and tell us all about it!

Hiking Safely With Goats

Wild Washington Minute
Wildlife Watching

Wildlife viewing is at its very best in Washington.
Here is how to get more out of the experience.
Winter Viewing

There's a lot of wildlife to see during Washington's winters.
Take this cross county ski tour as we look for the tracks of local wildlife.
Partner Agencies
Washington State Tourism Office -
Washington Parks and Recreation
Scenic Byways - WSDOT
Washington Audubon Society
Washington Department of Natural Resources
USDA Forest Service Nature Watch
Where and How to View Wildlife
WDFW Weekender Report
Wildlife Areas
Water Access Sites
Visit the Chum Salmon at Piper's Creek
Crossing Paths Newsletter
WDFW Image Gallery
Orca Whales and Boating Regulations
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
Watching Washington Birds (Activity Booklet)
Accessing Washington's Outdoors (ADA)
Binocular highway signs mark hundreds of wildlife viewing areas, many described in state guidebooks.
Guides & Maps
Northcentral Washington Viewing Map for Highway 97
Western Washington Viewing Map for Interstate 5
Scuba Diving in Washington
Yakima Area Wildlife Viewing Guide
Birding In and Around Klickitat County
Great Washington State Birding Trail
Washington's Tidelands
The Whale Trail
Responsible Marine Wildlife Viewing
Marine Wildlife Viewing Guidelines
Washington State Accessible Outdoor Recreation Guide
Report Wildlife Observations Online
Help WDFW gather wildlife observation data. Use our online reporting tools to report wildlife that you see!

How You Can Help
Attracting wildlife to your backyard
Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary, projects, plans, and more...
Found injured wildlife?
Wildlife Viewing Ethics
Love wild birds? Keep your cat indoors
Wildlife License Plates
Help Support Wildlife Activities in Washington
Five new license plate backgrounds to choose from, featuring some of the state’s premier wildlife species. Proceeds from the sale of the plates go to improving management for these and other wildlife species as well as improving conservation and recreation programs related to wildlife in Washington. Now, you can combine BOTH a wildlife background and a personalized message!
Buy Your Plate Today!


The Weekender Report Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program
Discover Pass
Other Wildlife Viewing Links
Seattle Audubon's Society
- BirdWeb: Online guide to the birds
- BirdNote: Radio shows about the birds
Mammals of Washington
National Park Service
Washington Birding Hotspots
Trumpeter Swan Society
Upper Skagit Bald Eagle Festival
Falcon Research Group
Nature of the Northwest
Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
Washington Ornithological Society
Washington Trails Association
National Wildlife Refuge System
Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition
GORP - Washington
Teaming With Wildlife
Moorage and Boat Launch Sites - RCO
Watchable Wildlife Inc.
National Parks of the Pacific Northwest
Washington Nature Weekends
NMFS Northwest Region Marine Mammal Information
Orca Network