Dive Safety
Diving can be dangerous so, dive to your ability, training and experience level.  Please check currents before you dive.

The diver must be swimming or floating in the water while spearfishing. The use of explosives or bullets attached to the spear ("bang sticks") is prohibited. See Fishing in Washington Rules and Regulations for more information.

Fishing & Shellfishing
Find more fishing and shellishing opportunities, information and regulations


For more information
please contact the
WDFW Wildlife Program.

Phone: 360-902-2515
E-mail: wildthing@dfw.wa.gov


Viewing Guides and Maps
Seacrest Park
Photo by Jack Connick
  Beneath Emerald Waters

Beneath Emerald Waters
Scuba Diving Locations
in Puget Sound

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Scuba Diving in Washington

Welcome to one of the world's largest most productive inland seas, where first time and avid divers can explore an amazing diversity of sea life and marine environments. Washington’s Puget Sound has numerous islands, bays, estuaries, mud flats, and gravelly or sandy beaches that provide the backdrop for this unique map. Through increased knowledge, awareness and active participation you can help protect this diverse, yet vulnerable, natural heritage.

Scuba Diving Locations in Puget Sound
Washington State Tourism offers scuba diving information and directions to many different locations

Where Can I Find a Map?
You can pick up a printed map in the following locations.