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Cow Moose standing in vegetation looking towards the camera.

Moose Survey

Please note: This does not take the place of regulation-required Hunter Reports after hunting season.

Click here to report moose observations with a phone app
  • Report observations directly on your phone, in the field (no cell phone reception needed).
  • Account registration is first required at our Partners in Conservation and Science data collection portal.

If you spend time in undeveloped areas where moose may occur, your report can help inform moose management whether or not you see any moose. WDFW is most interested in reports from people spending time in natural areas in Okanogan, Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, and Spokane counties between September 1 and November 30.

As you hunt, hike, fish, or otherwise spend time in these areas, keep track of how many hours you spend afield and how many cow, calf, or bull moose you see, then submit one report per day afield. Even if you don't see any moose, your report is valuable. The fall time period provides the best information to better understand moose status, productivity, and population trends. WDFW biologists will use reports from this time period to inform scientific studies, conservation and management decisions.

Observations from other times of year are helpful but not as useful to inform of factors such as calving, sex ratios, or moose abundance indices. Specific locations from this form are not displayed publicly, but are considered and evaluated in our Moose Progress Report.