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Photo of camera equipment and cables
Type of camera equipment used by WildWatchcams.

WDFW's and our partners' camera projects capture real-time images. We use small security cameras to observe wildlife from a safe distance and broadband data services to bring live views of wildlife to our biologists and to you. 

We watch animals find mates, build nests, lay eggs, hatch or bear babies, feed their growing young, and eventually, if we're lucky, see the moment those young find their own path in life.  It can be inspiring and fascinating. At times, it can be hard to watch because wildlife face challenges – weather, predation, even death.  

Biologists and wildlife experts guide our camera operations. We do notnot disturb the animals during sensitive times like nest-building or rearing young.  We don't want to cause the animal to act unnaturally, feel threatened, or abandon their young.  We don't adjust cameras that get knocked out of alignment; clean cameras that get splattered by rain or feces; or interfere with the natural course of things, even if these are hard to watch.  We invite you to enjoy our Wild Watch camera scenes and we hope these inspire you to grab your binoculars and step out outside - see what discoveries await you!

The WildWatch camera projects are funded through the sales of Washington's bald eagle background license plates, which support Watchable Wildlife activities, and private donations.