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Photo of Osprey in flight with fish in its talons
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WDFW's Osprey camera is out of alignment and cannot be repaired this season.
SO, we are happy to partner with Public Utility District (PUD) No. 1 of Cowlitz County (Washington) and Cascade Networks to share their
live-streaming Osprey nest camera experience:

The PUD link works best with Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.  To view this live feed from Internet Explorer you will have to install a plugin.

In early March 2016, Cowlitz PUD, in partnership with Cascade Networks, launched a live-feed osprey camera. The camera focuses on a platform that Cowlitz PUD built near a utility pole 15 years ago to provide a safe nesting alternative. Osprey have nested on this platform for the last 15 years and laid three eggs as of April 24th.  

For questions or comments on this camera image or project, please contact the Cowlitz PUD: