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The act of siblicide–although difficult to observe– is a common outcome for a meat eating bird (like barn owls) with asynchronous hatching, where eggs are laid and hatched at different times. This allows for easy siblicide as the first chick is older and much larger than the last. Ecological studies suggest that siblicide allows for the greatest number of owlets to survive to match the available food supply. Low food resources increase conflict among siblings which leads to a greater chance of siblicide. The end result of the situation is that a few strong and well-fed owlets survive instead of many weaker birds.

You may not see the adult owls again this nesting season since they most often drop rodents into the nest box and continue to hunt as the owlets are consuming vast numbers of rodents as they continue to grow. Please take the time to understand and explain this ecological act and behavior to yourself and others – particularly young viewers.

To learn more about the ecological role of siblicide in nature check out the Related Links labeled – The Ecological Role of Siblicide

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