WA State Commercial Sea Cucumber Fishery

Sea cucumber harvest is now closed as of Friday March 1st.

Harvest quotas and landings


Sea Cucumber Harvest Area2023-24 State Quota Share2023-24 State  Fishery Landings
San Juan Island - District 1112,990 lbs110,500 (CLOSED)
Strait of Juan de Fuca - District 2-163,956 lbs62,710 (CLOSED)
Admiralty Inlet - District 2-242,593 lbs42,005 (CLOSED)
Central Puget Sound - District 3CLOSEDCLOSED
Hood Canal - District 4CLOSEDCLOSED
South Puget Sound - District 5 areas 28A-D8,775 lbs8,613 (CLOSED)
South Puget Sound - District 5 area 26D5,432 lbs4,904 (CLOSED)





Sea cucumber harvest districts and reporting areas
Photo by WDFW

Closed areas pertain to the commercial sea cucumber fishery. In addition, see permanent WACs 220-302 and 220-303 for more information on Marine Preserves and Conservation Area closures. Legal descriptions of commercial sea cucumber harvest districts are found in WAC 220-340-730 Sea Cucumbers. Legal descriptions of commercial sea cucumber catch reporting areas can be found in WAC 220-301-040 Marine Fish-Shellfish Management and Catch Reporting Areas within Puget Sound.

Permanent WACs

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