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Media Contacts

Communications Division
Office: 360-902-2250

Ben Anderson
Columbia basin fisheries, non-salmon fisheries and hatcheries, shellfish, Western Native Trout Initiative, seals and sea lions
Cell: 360-480-4465

Mark Yuasa
Saltwater fisheries, salmon hatcheries, fishing regulations 
Cell: 360-338-5494

Eryn Couch
WDFW-managed lands & water access areas; habitat restoration & protection; southern resident killer whales; recreation, coastal steelhead
Cell: 360-890-6604

Becky Elder
WDFW Police, enforcement issues, poaching, public safety response
Cell: 360-701-7026

Chase Gunnell
Seattle area media inquiries, North Puget Sound region (Region 4) issues, aquatic invasive species including European green crab emergency
Cell: 360-704-0258

Staci Lehman
Wolves and Eastern Washington issues (Regions 1, 2, and 3)
Cell: 509-710-4511

Sam Montgomery
Wildlife, birds, whales, hunter education, hunting regulations, threatened and endangered species, climate change
Cell: 360-688-0721

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