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Whether attending a Commission meeting, volunteering on a habitat restoration project, or commenting on upcoming fishing seasons, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife offers multiple opportunities for public input and participation.

Fisher release with crowd participation

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Wildlife in Washington face a wide range of threats, from disease and invasive species to declining habitat and climate change. You can help by being a good steward for wildlife, habitat, and the environment. Check out these themed lessons and activity ideas for you to use at home or school. 

The Adopt-an-Access Program provides individuals and civic organizations with the tools and training to “adopt” a local access site.
Report observations of live wildlife, dead wildlife, or sick or injured wildlife.
Find public meetings, important hunting and fishing dates, community events, and more on the WDFW calendar. 
WDFW's School Cooperative Program provides salmonid eggs to schools to be reared in a classroom aquarium.
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife welcomes volunteers who want to assist in activities that benefit fish, wildlife and habitat.
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hosts public meetings around the state on a variety of issues, including season-setting, management plans, and Commission meetings.
The 14 Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups work within communities across the state to recover salmon.