Hunting remains a vital way of life for many residents and non-residents in Washington and contributes to statewide conservation efforts. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife maintains opportunities for seasoned and first-time hunters alike. Learn about the steps every hunter must take before heading afield, and how to report your harvest after a successful hunt. 

Hunter education

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Whether deer, elk, waterfowl, or upland game, the hunt of a lifetime can be found in Washington.
WDFW provides a variety of courses and clinics to help hunters conduct safe, ethical hunts in the state.
WDFW is tasked with responsibly preserving, protecting, and perpetuating wildlife in the state, while maximizing hunting opportunities for all residents.
Special hunt permits, big-game auctions and raffle permit hunts offer a chance to participate in a coveted hunt while directly supporting conservation and management in Washington.
Hunting is allowed on many lands throughout Washington, but it's important to know the rules and regulations before you go.

Hunting news & important dates

Girl with two turkeys
First Turkey Program

Send us your first turkey harvest information and receive and official WDFW First Turkey Certificate.

Student aims firearm at targets with instructor's assistance
Take hunter education before busy fall season

The Department offers fully in-person hunter education courses as well as hybrid courses that combine online and in-person learning. All hunters born after Jan. 1, 1972 must complete a hunter education course before buying their first hunting license.

Conservation starts here

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Purchase Multi-season deer or elk tag

If selected, you must purchase your multi-season tag prior to Aug. 1, 2023.

Target shooting range in Eastern WA with long range sign
Target shooting restrictions - Know before you go

Annual summer target shooting rules are in effect on the Wenas Wildlife Area. Check your destination to know of any restrictions before you head out.

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Applications open for membership on WDFW Waterfowl Advisory Group

The application deadline is June 30 at 5 p.m.

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