The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife offers numerous assistance opportunities for persons with disabilities who recreate in the state's great outdoors. These include accessible hunting and fishing facilities, reduced license fees, disability access to land, equipment modifications, and special accommodations for people with disabilities. Learn more about these opportunities and get answers to your accessibility questions.

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WDFW is dedicated to helping all people, including those with disabilities, enjoy our great outdoors. View events, opportunities, legislative news, rule changes, and other ADA bulletins here.
If you have been honorably discharged from military service and have received a disability percentage rating from Veterans Affairs, you may qualify for a reduced-fee license.
Some people with permanent disabilities may qualify for a discounted fishing or hunting license.
Learn about the eligibility requirements for WDFW disability status and what that provides.
The Road Access Entry Program provides access to hunters with lower extremity mobility disabilities into areas with fewer barriers and vehicle distraction.
There are a number of hunting and wildlife-viewing blinds throughout Washington that are accessible to people with disabilities.
People with permanent inoperable disabilities may have unique needs due to impairment, and Special Use Permits allow a specific exception to a recreational activity or regulation.
Do you need assistance attending a meeting, hunter education class, committee participation, or with language, hearing, vision, or reading? Start here.
Instructions and forms to file a complaint of discrimination, or appeal a suspension or citation of a special use permit.
Use this map to find barrier-free access to recreational opportunities within our great state of Washington.
View the laws and codes that apply to accessible outdoor recreation in Washington.
Frequently asked questions about accessible outdoor recreation in Washington.