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  WDFW All Information List
This list receives News releases, Weekender Reports, emergency regulation updates, and Fish and Wildlife Commission announcements
Average mail traffic 5-10 emails per week.

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  WDFW News Releases
This list receives all WDFW News Releases.
Average mail traffic: 3-6 emails per week.

  WDFW Regulation Updates
This list receives Fishing and Hunting Rule Changes and regulatory focused News Releases.
NOTE: Those who subscribe to both this list and the "WDFW News Release & Weekender Report" list will occasionally receive duplicate copies of news releases that are sent to both lists. It is recommended that you subscribe to the "WDFW All Information" list to avoid receiving unnecessary email.
Average mail traffic: 2-4 emails per week.

  WDFW Weekender Report
This list receives the monthly Weekender Report highlighting all of the latest fish and wildlife opportunities around the state.
Average mail traffic: 1 email per month.

  Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission Announcements
This list receives announcements from the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Average mail traffic: 2-4 emails per month.

Specialized lists

These are specialized mailing lists that provide targeted information on specific subjects

  WDFW Rulemaking
This list receives weekly summaries of proposed permanent rule changes and adopted permanent rule changes filed with the Washington State Register as well as periodic notices regarding permanent rulemaking activities.
Average mail traffic: 1 email per week.

  Gray Wolf Updates and Information
This list receives occasional updates on wolves in Washington state, wolf management plan information and other wolf related announcements.
Average mail traffic: 1-3 emails per month.

  Columbia River Fishery Notices
The Columbia River Notice list provides public notices of upcoming scheduled compacts and joint state hearings, joint state reports, and action notices regarding salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, shad, and smelt fisheries in the mainstem Columbia River.
Average mail traffic: Varies, 1-10 emails per week depending on the need for emergency in-season action.

  Pikeminnow Sport Reward Fishery Updates
The Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Fishery Program pays recreational anglers $5-$8 for each eligible  Northern Pikeminnow caught from the Columbia River from the mouth up to Priest Rapids Dam and on the Snake River from the mouth up to Hell’s Canyon Dam.  This list provides the latest information on the Pikeminnow Program such as station changes, angler incentives, and links to seminars or additional information.  
Average mail traffic: 1-2 emails per month, March-November.

  Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program
This list receives grant program updates, project funding opportunities and webinar announcements for the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program.
Average mail traffic: 1-2 emails per month.

  Commercial Fishing
This list receives the latest updates on commercial fishing from WDFW.
Average mail traffic: 3-5 emails per year as needed.

  Commercial Fishing Charters and Guides
This list receives the latest updates on commercial fishing guides and charters from WDFW.
Average mail traffic: 3-5 emails per year as needed.

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