Licenses & Permits

Whether fishing, hunting, or just getting outside for the weekend, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife helps thousands make the most of this amazing state every year. Find the hunting and fishing license that fits your adventure, see what you need to access state-managed lands and water access sites, and learn about the necessary permits for construction projects that may affect wildlife or habitats.

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In this section

Learn about the types, costs, and requirements of fishing and shellfishing licenses offered by WDFW
Learn about the types of hunting licenses offered in Washington, and what you need before you head into the field.
WDFW issues permits and licenses for a number of projects around Washington.
Buy a Discover Pass online for access to WDFW, DNR, and state park lands in Washington, and learn about WDFW's Vehicle Access Pass.
Personalized license plates and wildlife license plates fund conservation efforts throughout Washington.
Search for authorized WDFW license sales locations near you.
Requirements and license fees for commercial fishing and shellfishing, guiding and charter operations, and other fish- and wildlife-related activities.
To prevent deer and elk killed on Washington roads from going to waste, WDFW allows people to legally salvage carcasses with a free, printable permit.

License news & important dates

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Already thinking about next season?

If you’re a hunter or angler already daydreaming about your next big season, you can take the next step because 2022 license year products are available now. Items for the 2022 license year are valid from April 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023.

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Have your road kill salvaged deer tested for Chronic Wasting Disease

If you salvage a road-killed white-tailed deer along the Washington-Idaho border, please consider testing it for Chronic Wasting Disease.

Conservation starts here

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Daily limit of razor clams changed Dec. 30

The daily limit of razor clams has returned to the usual 15.

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Show your support for Washington wildlife

Looking for an easy way to help wildlife in Washington? There are two types of specialized license plates that support wildlife conservation and management in the state.

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Help support youth educational programs

Support youth educational programs with a donation through WDFW's licensing system.