2020 Trout Derby

Over 100 lakes, more than 100 sponsors, and over 1000 prizes totaling over $40000
2020 Trout Derby logo

How it works:

Check the list of all 2020 Trout Derby lakes to find one near you and see if there are still tagged fish waiting to be caught.

Winning derby trout will have a yellow tag attached to their fin. Keep the tag! You will need it to claim your prize.

Trout derby floy tag showing website url: wdfwderby.com


Enter the unique identifying number listed on the derby tag, the lake you caught it in, the date it was caught, and your contact information.

Take your tag to the business location you were provided and claim your derby prize!

Take a photo of yourself with your winning derby trout to share on social media. #watroutderby


Lost or forgotten where to collect your prize? Recover your prize details.

Enter your information below. Please include your email address or phone number in case we need to contact you about your prize.


Trophy $1,000 and over

  • Mack's Lures
  • Banks Lake Lodge
  • Silver Cove Resort
  • Verle's LLC
  • Offut Lake Resort
  • Cabela’s
  • Gambles Tackle Shop
  • Dick Nite Spoons
  • Doug's Boats & Outdoor

Keeper $500-$999

  • Main Street Convenience
  • Brewster Marketplace
  • TNS Archery
  • Fred Meyer
  • Hooked On Toys
  • Lee Frank Mercantile
  • MarDon Resort
  • Dave's Sports Shop
  • Freeland Ace Hardware
  • North Bend Ace Hardware
  • Three Rivers Marine Inc

Tackle $250- $499

  • Buck Electric
  • Montesano Chevron
  • Obsession Guide Service
  • Ray's Bait
  • Lake Chelan Building Supply Inc.
  • The Last Resort
  • Gold Nugget Jewelry & Loan
  • John's Sporting Goods
  • Kaptein's Ace Hardware
  • Oak Harbor Ace Hardware
  • Roche Harbor Resort
  • Tri-State Outfitters

Cast $100- $249

  • 101 Shell
  • Barrier Dam Campground
  • Canyon Market
  • Fishhunt Northwest
  • Glenwood General Store
  • Ocean Sportfishing
  • Camano Marine Inc
  • Coulee Playland Resort
  • Port Ludlow Marina
  • Quimper Mercantile
  • Skamokowa Resort
  • Suter-Mineral Market
  • Swains Inc
  • The Man Cave
  • Walmart Corp.
  • Country Lane Campground
  • Dave's Gun & Pawn
  • Granite Lake Premier Rv Resort
  • Klinks Resort
  • North 40 Lewiston
  • North 40 Mead
  • Schurmans True Value
  • Spectacle Lake Resort
  • Coastal Farm & Ranch
  • Ferndale Ace Hardware
  • Granite Falls Hardware
  • Greg’s Custom Fishing Rods
  • Outdoor Emporium
  • Pacific Bld Ctr True Value
  • Triangle Bait & Tackle
  • Yakima Bait
  • Work-Sports & Outdoors
  • Dennis Company Ace Raymond
  • Dennis Company Ace Long Beach
  • Dennis Company Ace Aberdeen
  • Dennis Company Ace Elma
  • Dennis Company Ace Montesano

Catch and Release $99 and under

  • Brinnon General Store
  • Lincoln Creek Lumber
  • Montesano Quick Stop
  • All Around Rentals
  • Cat Tails
  • Clarks All-Sports
  • The Local Store
  • Visit Kitsap Peninsula
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods
  • Deer Park Chevron
  • Diamond Lake Deli & More
  • Mead Chevron
  • Perrys Finley Shopper
  • Quincy Hardware And Lumber
  • Ritzville Hardware
  • Setys Ace Hardware
  • Big Wally’s
  • Trailhead Golf Coarse
  • Woodland Ace (High School Pharm)
  • Village Supply
  • Mail Zone
  • West Marine - Seattle

Important information

The fine print…

There is no entrance fee or extra cost to participate in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Statewide Trout Derby. Anyone with a valid Resident or Non-Resident 2020 Get Outdoors Package, Annual Freshwater, Annual Fish WA, Annual Combination, or Temporary Combination license may participate. Anglers must follow all rules, regulations, and daily limits as outlined in the current fishing regulations pamphlet and emergency rule changes set by WDFW. 1-3 day temporary combination licenses are NOT valid for game fish for the 8-day period April 25 to May 2, 2020, unless you are an active duty resident military personnel.

The law does not require children 14 years of age or under to obtain a fishing license. However, they must actively participate and be able to demonstrate the ability to handle the gear by themselves. They must also follow the same rules, regulations, and daily limits as adults. Adults may provide assistance but are not required to hold a license if they will not be fishing/harvesting themselves and children must be present and take part in the entire process.

WDFW employees and their immediate family member(s) are prohibited from participating in the Statewide Trout Derby. However, WDFW employees and immediate family member(s) may fish on their personal time in stocked lakes that contain prize fish. WDFW employees and their immediate family member(s) are NOT eligible to claim any derby prize(s).

All anglers who take part in Free Fishing Weekend (June 6-7, 2020) may participate in the Statewide Trout Fishing Derby and may redeem any tags caught on that weekend.

Important Dates

May 23 – Statewide Trout Derby officially opens

June 6-7 – Free Fishing Weekend

Oct. 31 – Statewide Trout Derby ends

Nov. 4 – This is the last day to report a winning trout derby tag. Anglers must call WDFW by 5 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time. Tags that are not called in to WDFW by 5 p.m. are not valid for prize redemption.

Nov. 9 – This is the last day to redeem a winning trout derby tag at an affiliated derby prize donor. Tags must be redeemed no later than the prize donor’s close of business.


WDFW does not endorse any individual fishing derby prize donor. Each donor is responsible for their product or service and fulfillment of each prize.

WDFW will determine which lakes to stock with tagged derby prize fish. The list of lakes will be made available to the public. Anglers must follow all rules, regulations, and daily limits as outlined in the current fishing regulations pamphlet and all emergency rule changes set by WDFW. Tagged derby fish caught in violation of any rule or statute are subject to seizure and forfeiture under the provisions in RCW Chapter 77.15.

WDFW will maintain a list of all available prizes. Each tagged fish has a corresponding dealer and prize. In order to claim a prize, a successful angler must first validate their prize information using the prize claim portal on wdfwderby.com. The prize claim portal tool will provide the specific donor prize information corresponding to the tag, and the successful angler will be required to present the tag at the fishing derby prize donor’s place of business to claim the prize. In a few cases, donors have provided prizes to WDFW. If the tag that an angler calls into WDFW corresponds to one of these prizes, WDFW will inform the angler and mail the prize to the angler, registered receipt required. Tags that are not called in to WDFW by Wednesday, November  4, 2020 at 5 p.m. are not valid for prize redemption.