2024 Trout Derby

Logo for the 2024 WDFW trout derby.

Calling all fishing enthusiasts! Get ready to cast your line in the 2024 Trout Derby. This annual statewide event, taking place at lakes across Washington, brings unforgettable adventure for anglers of all ages and skill levels. Catch a tagged rainbow trout and win a prize!

We will be updating this page in early April with more information including a list of participating lakes, 2024 donors and more!





Important information

The fine print …

There is no entrance fee or extra cost to participate in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) statewide Trout Derby. Anyone with a valid resident or non-resident 2024 Get Outdoors package, annual freshwater, annual Fish WA, annual combination, or temporary combination license may participate. Anglers must follow all rules, regulations, and daily limits as outlined in the current fishing regulations pamphlet and emergency rule changes set by WDFW. One- to three-day temporary combination licenses are NOT valid for game fish for the 8-day period beginning the fourth Saturday in April unless you are active duty resident military personnel.

The law does not require children 14 years of age or under to obtain a fishing license. However, they must actively participate and be able to demonstrate the ability to handle the gear by themselves. They must also follow the same rules, regulations, and daily limits as adults. Adults may provide assistance but are not required to hold a license if they will not be fishing/harvesting themselves, and children must be present and take part in the entire process.

WDFW employees and their immediate family member(s) are prohibited from participating in the statewide Trout Derby. However, WDFW employees and immediate family member(s) may fish on their personal time in stocked lakes that contain prize fish. WDFW employees and their immediate family member(s) are NOT eligible to claim any derby prize(s).

More details to come.