Other tribal hunting and co-management resources

Governor's office of Indian Affairs

The Governor's Office of Indian Affairs, recognizing the importance of sovereignty, affirms the government-to-government relationship and principles identified in the Centennial Accord to promote and enhance tribal self-sufficiency and serves to assist the state in developing policies consistent with those principles.

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Acting as a central coordinating body, the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission provides a forum for member tribes to jointly address natural resource management issues and enables tribes to speak with a unified voice on issues of mutual concern.

Upper Columbia United Tribes

The Upper Columbia United Tribes unites five area tribes for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of treaty/executive order rights, sovereignty, culture, fish, water, wildlife, habitat, and other interests and issues of common concern in their respective territories through a structured process of cooperation and coordination for the benefit of all people.

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission's mission is to ensure a unified voice in the overall management of the fishery resources, and as managers, to protect reserved treaty rights through the exercise of the inherent sovereign powers of the tribes.