2024 Spring Turkey Pamphlet Cover Photo Contest

We’re looking for beautiful photos for next year’s Spring Turkey Hunting Rules and Regulations pamphlet! The theme is Field to Feast.

Did you take some amazing photos while harvesting your turkey and preparing it for the table? Send us your photos for a chance to win! 

Photo ideas for this theme include gathering around the table or campfire to share a wild turkey meal, turkey entrees fresh from the oven or off the grill, turkey meals on the plate ready to serve, etc. Include a second photo of your harvested bird in the field for a paired photo submission. You will have to submit separate entries for each photo. 

Submit your photos using the form below any time before Nov. 1. You can submit photos from your spring or fall harvest. Winners will be announced on WDFW's Facebook page.

  1. Must show only legal activity (no baiting, no electronic decoys, appropriate hunter orange or pink in the fall, etc.).
  2. Must not have derogatory language or private advertising on clothing (e.g. private hunt clubs).
  3. Must not have hunting felony or any gross misdemeanor fish and wildlife convictions in the past three years. 
  4. Must be print quality resolution (minimum 300dpi). 
  5. Photo must be appropriate (minimal blood etc.).  
  6. Submit your photo(s) using the form below and provide a background story for your photo (i.e., who, what, when, where, how).