Tooth age lookup

If you harvest a deer, bear, cougar, or moose in Washington, WDFW asks that you submit an incisor from your harvested animal to help gather biological data. This helps biologists to estimate population size, growth rate, health, and mortality rates of our deer population.

For information on how to remove a deer tooth, watch this video.

Envelopes to submit teeth are available by contacting your regional WDFW office.

It takes approximately six months to get results from your submitted tooth. To do so, use the WILD ID (required) you submitted with the tooth, or teeth, to check the status and results.

  • Tooth Age Lookup contains teeth from recreationally harvested animals only.
  • Teeth submitted before 2001 did not contain WILD IDs and are not included in this information.
  • Teeth submitted WITHOUT a reported WILD ID will not be reflected in this lookup.
  • If you have forgotten your WILD ID you can look it up at

If you need further assistance, please contact the Wildlife Program at

Enter 11 or 12 digit WILD ID number