Hunting clinics

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) offers clinics to teach new hunters the basics of hunting game animals. Clinics usually have two to four hours of classroom time and may include additional range activities such as sighting in rifles or patterning shotguns. Some clinics have an opportunity for a mentored hunt provided by First Hunt Foundation mentors.

For all range and hunting activities, it is your responsibility to make sure your hunting equipment is in good working order. WDFW reserves the right to do a safety check on all hunting equipment before heading onto the range or into the field.

Clinics are set up for a specific number of participants. If a parent or guardian would like to participate with their child, they will need to sign up as a participant.

Hunting clinic booklets for download

Participants of the free hunting clinics provided by WDFW receive an informative booklet to take home after clinic completion.

WDFW makes these booklets available for anyone to download and learn about hunting techniques and information as provided at each of the clinics.

Upcoming clinics

WDFW holds hunting clinics and mentored hunts periodically. To register for an upcoming clinic or mentored hunt, please see our clinic registration page.