Forest grouse wing and tail collection

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) collects wings and tails of hunter-harvested forest grouse (spruce, ruffed, dusky and sooty species) during the Sept. 1 - Dec. 31 hunting season. The goal of this collection effort is to build estimated population trend datasets for each species to evaluate harvest changes. Other factors will also be evaluated, including wildfire and weather patterns that may contribute to changes in harvest and overall populations at the species level.

Grouse hunters can help by depositing one wing and the tail of each grouse harvested into wing collection barrels placed around the state or by bringing them to the closest WDFW District or Regional office. Directions and diagrams are provided to help you retrieve the necessary samples.

Place samples in the paper bag provided at wing barrels, or any paper bag. Use one bag for each bird. Avoid using plastic bags (especially Ziplocs), as they speed up decay.

On the outside of the bag, please record:

  1. The species of grouse.
  2. The game management unit (GMU) where the grouse was harvested.
  3. The county where the grouse was harvested.
  4. The date of the harvest.

Deposit the bag in a wing barrel or drop it off at any WDFW district or regional office. If neither of these are viable options the day of harvest, please refrigerate or freeze the parts until you can drop them off at a different time.

Grouse wing barrel locations

Region 1 - Eastern Washington

  1. Columbia County – Wooten Wildlife Area HQ – Tucannon River
  2. Ferry County – Boulder Highway and Hwy 395 intersection. GPS 48.83666 -118.18738
  3. Ferry County – Sherman Creek (Hwy 20) at the Sherman Creek parking area located 1.6 miles south of the junction with Hwy 395. GPS 48.60833 -118.13782
  4. Pend Oreille County – Winchester Creek Road and Flowery Trail intersection. GPS 48.30170 -117.40440
  5. Pend Oreille County – LeClerc Creek Road at the junction of the West and East branch Leclerc roads. GPS 48.53488 -117.28293
  6. Spokane County – Inland Empire Paper gate at Thompson Creek
  7. Spokane County – Inland Northwest Wildlife Council, 6116 N Market St., Spokane
  8. Spokane County – WDFW regional office (2315 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley) - Lab rollup door (for after hour and weekend drop off)
  9. Stevens County – Bear Creek Road where it enters the Little Pend Oreille Refuge
  10. Stevens County – Narcisse Creek Road where it enters the Little Pend Oreille Refuge
  11. Stevens County – Hwy 20 and Tacoma Creek Road intersection. GPS 48.39469 -117.31510
  12. Stevens County - Burnt Valley Road and Snook Road intersection. GPS 48.33726 -117.6239

Region 2 - North Central Washington

  1. Chelan County --  Cooper Mountain Rd. (8020 Road) at Intersection of Black Canyon (4010 Road) & Cooper Mtn Rds.
  2. Chelan County – Shady Pass (5900 Road)
  3. Chelan County – French Corral (Eagle Creek and 5800 Road)
  4. Chelan County - Colockum Wildlife Area, at the intersection of Colockum Rd and Ingersoll Rd. GPS 47.25964 -120.213922
  5. Okanogan County – Bonaparte Lake
  6. Okanogan County – Loomis
  7. Okanogan County – Conconully
  8. Okanogan County – East Chewuch Road
  9. Okanogan County - Sweat Creek Picnic Area, USFS Tonasket Ranger District (33 miles east of Tonasket on State Route 20). GPS 48.680153 -118.906094

Region 3 - South Central Washington

  1. Kittitas County, Coleman – Entrance to Naneum State Forest
  2. Kittitas County, Taneum – Entrance to L.T. Murray Wildlife Area
  3. Yakima County, Oak Creek – Junction 1400 (Oak Creek Road) and Highway 12
  4. Yakima County, Ahtanum – Junction North Fork and Nasty Creek Road

Region 5 - Southwestern Washington

  1. Cowlitz County - Junction of the 1900/1901 on Weyerhaeuser land near Kid Valley. GPS 46.37706 -122.60943
  2. Cowlitz County - Junction of the 4100/4200 on Weyerhaeuser land east of the town of Toutle. GPS 46.30905 -122.6466
  3. Lewis County - Peterman Hill Road, entrance to the Peterman Ridge Unit of the Cowlitz Wildlife Area. GPS 46.53417 -122.34213
  4. Klickitat County - Mt Adams Ranger Station, 2455 Hwy 141 Trout Lake. GPS 46.000124 -121.542045
  5. Skamania/Klickitat County Line – On Nestor Peak Rd at the intersection with Big Buck Cr Rd. GPS 45.78200 -121.51774
  6. Skamania County - Wind River Market Texaco Station in Carson GPS 45.741098 -121.820810

Region 6 - Coastal Washington

  1. Clallam County - Slab Camp Road & Lost Mountain Road Junction
  2. Clallam County - Junction of the Cooper Ranch Road and US Forest Service Road #29
  3. Grays Harbor County - Intersection of Wynoochee Valley Road and Cougar Smith Road, north of Montesano.
  4. Grays Harbor County - intersection of Hwy. 101 and Quinault Ridge Rd.
  5. Mason County - Near Mill 5 off of W. Shelton Matlock Rd.
  6. Pierce County - Entrance to Elbe Hills State Forest,  Hwy 7 and Road 5 
  7. Thurston County - Northern Access Point to Vail Tree Farm, Sorenson Rd. SE