Master Hunter special permit elk hunt: Long Beach

Master Hunters who are interested in applying for this hunt should be aware of the following:

  • This hunt is intended to address damage issues on cranberry bogs.  Use of the cranberry bogs varies by year, with some years being little to no use and others unacceptably high.
  • Hunters applying for these hunts should be familiar with the area and know landowners who will let them hunt.
  • Hunters should not expect WDFW staff members to give them names of landowners to contact. If WDFW staff members are contacted by a landowner who requests a hunter, they may call a permit holder to inform them of the landowner request.
  • Public lands open to hunting are extremely limited.
  • State parks are closed to hunting.
  • Hunting on the Willapa Wildlife Refuge is controlled by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). For information on hunting refuge lands, go to the USFWS website or call 360-484-3482.
  • The Long Beach GMU is mostly made up of privately owned parcels. If unfamiliar with the area, hunters are advised to scout prior to applying. A good resource for understanding ownership is to use the Pacific County mapping application.
  • The area can be considered highly populated. Hunters should know exactly where they are shooting and what is behind the intended target.
  • Hunters should be aware that many of the landowners also have damage prevention and kill permits that are in effect during the permit season. Damage prevention permits are often given to hunters who have earned the landowners respect and trust.


  • If you are drawn for this hunt, you should make every effort to communicate with landowners well in advance of the season.
  • Once you have obtained permission, get to know the property and surrounding area very well.
  • Landowners appreciate hunters who hunt. Don’t drive by and keep going. The most successful hunters are the ones who put in the time.
  • Consider using a ladder stand.
  • Follow the landowner rules.
  • Follow the Master Hunter Code of Ethics.