Moose area unit maps

Moose standing in the grass with large antlers
Photo by John Pavolich

Over the past decade the moose population in the Mount Spokane area has been increasing, with moose routinely being spotted further north and northwest from the core of the population. The number of permits offered in the original Mt. Spokane unit (Mount Spokane North and South combined) was increased from 30 to 36 in 2008 in response to the growing population.

However, it was noticed that the southern portion of the original Mount Spokane unit received a preponderance of the moose hunters due to road access and familiarity. To address this imbalance and to increase opportunity in the area, the Mount Spokane Moose Hunt area was split into two units – a North Unit and a South Unit. This change allows increased opportunity and should spread out hunting pressure more equitably across the entire Mount Spokane area.

Below are links to the individual maps that correspond to the moose hunt choices found in the Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations pamphlet.

2023-2024 Moose Area Unit Maps

Spatial data for moose areas, as well as Game Management Unit boundaries and other hunt areas, are available on the WDFW Open Data Portal.