Mudflow elk area special permit hunts

Elk Area 5099 (Mudflow) (PDF) has been expanded this year (pg 105 of hunt pamphlet). It includes the eastern portion of the Mount St. Helens Wildlife Area plus the forested areas to the south and to the north, and the areas east up to the Mt. St. Helen's National Monument Boundary. The topography on the valley floor is mostly flat with some hills and small drainages caused by the deposit of avalanche debris from the eruption in 1980, but the hills to the north and south can be quite steep and challenging. There is an excellent view of the valley floor at the Forest Learning Center on SR 504 at milepost 34. Please consider looking the area over before applying for these special permits.

The boundary for Elk Area 5099 is not signed.  The boundary on the north is SR 504 and the boundary on the south side is a series of timber company roads.  The National Volcanic Monument Boundary that forms the eastern boundary is not well marked.

Access and Restrictions

Vehicle travel on private forest roads that are ordinarily closed to vehicle use at all times will be prohibited. Some DNR and private forest roads in the southernmost part of the elk area may be open to public travel during the hunt period depending upon fire danger and other conditions at the time.

Only hunters selected for a "Hunters with Disabilities Special Elk Permit" can use motorized vehicles on the Wildlife Area and will be provided with the combination to a lock one week before their hunt. The combination will allow access through the Weyerhaeuser gate at the junction of the 3100 road and SR 504 and will only provide access during the period of your hunt. Disabled hunters selected for a hunt in any of the other permit categories will not be granted motorized vehicle access on the Wildlife Area. WDFW recommends that motorized vehicle use (including ATV vehicles) be kept to a minimum to reduce disturbance to the elk and other hunters.

One designated hunter companion and two non-hunting helpers may assist the special permit holder with a disability.

Other Information

Elk numbers on the Wildlife Area are variable, with the highest numbers occurring later in the fall. A resident herd of approximately 75 elk uses the Wildlife Area, but often leave if disturbed. A special permit does not guarantee a successful hunt.

Non-hunters may use the Mount St. Helens Wildlife Area during the hunt time frame. This is true for all WDFW Wildlife Areas. Hunt safely! Other users may not be wearing hunter orange.

The Department may ask you to collect parts of your elk for a body condition study. Please read the directions carefully, all the parts are needed to make a complete sample for analysis.

The North Toutle River runs at very high velocities and crossing the river is not safe.