Deer and elk multi-season permits

Jeff Aschenbrenner

Make the next hunting season your most successful yet by expanding your hunting opportunities with a Multi-Season Permit.

Benefits of multi-season permit

  • Hunt all three weapon choices (modern rifle, muzzleloader, archery), season permitting, until the tag is filled
  • Hunt elk on both sides of Washington state
  • Increase your success rate in harvesting deer or elk

Special Hunts

Multi-Season Permit holders can apply for Special Hunts for all three weapon types. Elk Multi-Season Permit holders are eligible to apply for Special Hunts on both sides of Washington state.

How to get a Multi-Season Permit

  1. Purchase a Multi-Season permit application online or from an authorized license dealer by March 31, 2019.
    - Residents: $7.10
    - Non-Residents: $110.50
    - Youth: $3.80
  2. Drawing results will be available online in April.
  3. If your name was drawn, you can purchase your Deer or Elk Multi-Season tag.
    - Deer Tag: $139.10
    - Elk Tag: $182.00

The tag costs listed above are for both resident and non-resident Multi-Season tags.

Hunters who purchased an application, but were not selected in the April drawing, are eligible to buy the unsold 2,610 deer and 116 elk multi-season tags on a first-come, first-served basis on Thursday, Aug. 22. For more details, see the recent news release.   

In 2019, 8,500 Deer and 1,000 Elk Multi-Season Tags were available.