Group fishing permits

Educational Group Fishing Permit

WDFW may issue an Educational Group Fishing Permit for a fishing activity offered in conjunction with an angler education class or other angler training program meeting certain criteria. The permit allows members of the group or class to fish without a license during the period specified on the permit (usually one day).  Educational Group fishing Permits are not available for fishing activities targeting salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, halibut or Dungeness crab. Group Permit applications must be filled out completely and received at least 21 days prior to the fishing event.

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Group Fishing Permit

A group fishing permit allows a group of individuals to fish and harvest shellfish without individual licenses or the payment of individual license fees. The director must issue a group fishing permit on a seasonal basis to a state-operated facility or state-licensed nonprofit facility or program for physically or mentally disabled persons, mentally ill persons, hospital patients, handicapped persons, seriously or terminally ill persons, persons who are dependent on the state because of emotional or physical developmental disabilities, or senior citizens who are in the care of the facility. The permit is valid only for use during open season.

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