Commission made a decision on 2022 spring black bear special permits; heard briefing on coastal steelhead


Commission office, 360-902-2267

OLYMPIA – The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to not adopt a rule that would establish 2022 spring black bear special permits at its Nov. 19 webinar.

The Commission’s vote on the 2022 spring bear rule resulted in a 4-4 tie, and a majority is needed for a rule to be adopted. The Commission previously heard a briefing about the proposed 2022 spring bear special permits and received public testimony at its Oct. 22 meeting, and held an additional special meeting on the topic on Nov. 15.

“Given the amount of discussion on this rule this year, I’m hoping the staff can further evaluate this opportunity, address some of the concerns that I and other commissioners expressed, and advance another rule proposal for the 2023 season,” stated Larry Carpenter, Chairman of the Commission.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife staff will be assessing the path forward for offering future spring black bear hunting opportunity, including in the context of the next multi-year Game Management Plan.

Also on Friday, the Commission discussed coastal steelhead fishing regulations options for the 2021-22 season, following a meeting of the Commission’s Fish Committee earlier in the week. There is a final public town hall to discuss coastal steelhead fishing plans on Nov. 29; visit the coastal steelhead management webpage to learn more.

The Commission also heard a briefing about Hydraulic Code rule making and is expected to make a decision on rules related to E2SHB 1382 at its Dec. 2-4 meeting.

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