Birch Bay State Park

WDFW Beach Season Information

Clam, mussel, and oyster season OPEN for harvest year-round.

Birch Bay State Park is subject to frequent biotoxin closures. Harvesters are urged to check the Department of Health water quality status the same day they plan to harvest. 

WDFW shellfish seasons indicate the specific times of year when harvesting is permitted. Before heading to the beach, please also check the Department of Health (DOH) information below which is related to health of the shellfish and may be updated daily. To harvest on this beach, it must be both during the WDFW approved season and approved by the DOH.

Harvest profile

Birch Bay State Park has a large (8,255 feet of shoreline) and very productive beach, flanked by a low bank and wetlands. The park is located a few miles south of the Canadian border and is very popular with recreational clam harvesters. The clam band is a wide stretch of sand and gravel extending from the drift line down to low water. There is good digging for native littleneck clams and Manila clams in the sandy gravel of the upper intertidal and you will find butter clams, cockles and horse clams at lower tidal elevations.

There are some oysters on this beach, but they are not abundant. 


From the south:
Take exit #266 off of I-5. Go left on Grandview for 7 miles, then right on Jackson for 1 mile, then turn left onto Helweg Rd.

From the north:
Take exit #266 off of I-5, and turn right onto Grandview. Go 7 miles, then right on Jackson for 1 mile, then turn left onto Helweg Rd.


Camping and picnic areas are available at Birch Bay State Park. Restrooms with plumbing, faucets, and water fountains are located adjacent to parking areas along the beach. There is a convenience store one block from the park entrance. Most other services are available within a few miles of the park.