DNR-419 (Salt Creek Recreation Area)

Clams, mussels and oysters CLOSED year-round.
Clallam County Code 23.03.140(5) prohibits the removal of any form of marine life (including clams and mussels) from the tidelands of the Salt Creek Recreation Area.

Harvest profile

Tongue Point , at the west end of Salt Creek Recreation Area Park, offers some of the best tide pool habitat in Washington State. No harvest of any form of marine life is allowed by County ordinance.

This area is also popular with SCUBA divers.

Tongue Point can also be reached via the parking and access area at the mouth of Salt Creek on the east side of the creek. This spot also accesses the sand flat portion of this beach.

Please stay on the east side of Salt Creek. All property to the west of Salt Creek is private.

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