West Penn Cove
The portion of West Penn Cove from the property boundary at the Grasser's Lagoon access on Highway 20 to the dock extending across the tidelands from Captain Whidbey Inn on Madrona Road is projected to open for harvest of clams, mussels and oysters August 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020 only.

Twin Lagoons
Clams, oysters and mussels open year-round.

Harvest profile

West Penn Cove and Twin Lagoons beaches (formerly known as North Penn Cove) are located at the base of Penn Cove on Whidbey Island. These two adjacent beaches cover a long stretch of beach, consisting of 4,376 feet of public shoreline. The boundary division between the two beaches is marked by the dock that extends from Captain Whidbey Inn on Madrona Road. Uplands south and east of the Madrona Road access (heading toward Coupeville) are private property. These beaches feature a variety of substrate types. The West Penn Cove section has a wide productive gravel-mud clam band, which narrows at points and widens in embayments. There is good digging for butter clams, native littleneck clams, cockles and horse clams on most of West Penn Cove. The littleneck clams tend to be higher on the beach while the butter and horse clams are lower in the tidal zone. The area below the north access trail at Grasser's Lagoon (Highway 20) is particularly good digging. This is an excellent site for harvesting mussels, primarily near the south Mueller's/Madrona Road access. Twin Lagoons tidelands are rocky and more challenging to dig but a small tideflat at the outflow for the Twin Lagoons provides good butter clam digging. Access to this area is by foot southward along the shoreline from the Madrona Road access. There is no direct upland access to Twin Lagoons.


There are two WDFW access sites for West Penn Cove. The north access is a gravel pullout just off of HWY 20, locally known as Grasser's Lagoon. From Oak Harbor, take HWY 20 South until you see Penn Cove. The pullout is on the left shoulder, just south of Zylstra Road and just north of Madrona Road. Public tidelands are to the right when you reach the end of a short trail.

To reach the south access site drive another one quarter mile south on HWY 20 and turn left onto Madrona Way. Go about  one half mile and look for a small public parking lot on the left.  This access is locally known as Mueller's.


A port-potty is available at he north access. During peak summer months a port-potty may be available at the south access point. Overnight parking is prohibited.