Seabold Beach (Bainbridge Island)

Clam, mussel, and oyster seasons OPEN for harvest year-round.

Note: There is no upland public access to this beach. Access is by boat only.

Please respect private property and stay within the boundary markers at the north and south end of the public beach. Shellfish may not be taken from private beaches without the owner's permission.

Access to this beach is by boat only. Seabold Beach (Bainbridge Island) is accessible by boat only. There is no upland access to this beach.

Harvest profile

This beach has a good population of horse clams and there are some pockets of native littleneck clams fairly high on the beach. Eastern softshell clams and butter clams are available here as well. There are geoducks present on this beach below the -1.5 foot tide level. There are few, if any, oysters present.


Nearest boat ramps are the Suquamish ramp to the north, Keyport to the southwest and Brownsville to the south. Approximate GPS coordinates are:  47.70645o N, 122.54697o W at the north boundary and 47.69914o N, 122.56388 at the south. 

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