North Tabook Point

Clam, mussel, and oyster seasons OPEN for harvest year-round.

Access to this beach is by boat only. North Tabook Point is accessible by boat only. There is no upland access to this beach.

Beach map
Disclaimer: Map areas identify approximate public property boundaries and should not be considered legal property boundaries. Many of these public beaches have no upland entrance and must be accessed by boat. Please respect adjacent private property. This map is provided for informational purposes only. The accuracy of this map is not guaranteed.

North Tabook Point is boat access only. There is no upland access. The beach is about 480 yards long from boundary to boundary. The boundaries are not marked. It is recommended that harvesters stay well within 200 yards of the approximate midpoint of this beach to avoid trespassing. Approximate GPS coordinates of the midpoint of North Tabook Point are: 47.765oN, 122.796o W.

Nearest boat ramps: Point Whitney ramp (located north of Brinnon on Bee Mill Road) is about 2.1 nautical miles by boat to North Tabook Point. The Quilcene Marina ramp (located about 1 mile south of Quilcene on Linger Longer Road) is about 3.8 nautical miles by boat from North Tabook Point.


None. There are restrooms at Point Whitney and Quilcene Marina. There are facilities for boaters at Quilcene Marina.

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