Twanoh State Park

Clam and mussel seasons CLOSED for harvest, projected to OPEN for harvest August 1 through September 30, 2021. 
Oyster season OPEN for harvest year-round. 

Harvest profile

This is a good beach for Manila clams, native littleneck clams, small butter clams and cockles. All four of these clam species can be found in a narrow band below the oyster beds. This band of clam habitat extends from southwest of the boat ramp east to the point (just west of the swimming area).

This is an excellent beach for oysters. The best spot for oysters is the west end of the park beach near the boat ramp in the "day use" portion of the park.


Twanoh State Park has restrooms, showers, potable water, year-round camping, boat moorage, a launching ramp, woodland trails, a swimming area, and picnic areas. There are informational displays throughout the park. Visit the Twanoh State Park website for more information about facilities. 

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