Quilcene Bay WDFW Tidelands

Clam, mussel, and oyster seasons OPEN for harvest year-round. 
No restrictions on hours of harvest. 

Do not try to access the beach from the northern parking lot (near the restroom). The mud in the creek channel is extremely sticky and hazardous. An access route has been graveled from the southern parking lot. Use this trail to enter and leave the beach. 
Private shellfish farms are adjacent to public tidelands in Quilcene Bay. Please do not trespass on private property. See Beach Map for access information to public tidelands in the outer bay. 

Harvest profile

The minimum size limit for clams on this beach is 1½ inches. This beach has a large population of Manila clams, although clams tend to be small. There are also some native littleneck clams and eastern softshell clams on this beach, but they are not as abundant as the Manila clams. Oysters are sparsely scattered across the western edge of the beach. Private tideland boundaries adjacent and interior to the WDFW tidelands are marked with white fiberglass posts, do not trespass. See Beach map for public harvest areas. The Northwest, Southwest, and Northeast units are a longer walk, but worth it for superior clam digging-. The West unit has fewer and lower-density clams than these other units. WDFW encourages harvesters to explore these outer Quilcene units without trespassing on the neighboring shellfish farm. 

Beach map
Disclaimer: Map areas identify approximate public property boundaries and should not be considered legal property boundaries. Many of these public beaches have no upland entrance and must be accessed by boat. Please respect adjacent private property. This map is provided for informational purposes only. The accuracy of this map is not guaranteed.

From the south, follow Highway 101 to Quilcene and turn right at the Whistling Oyster Tavern onto Linger Longer Road. Follow Linger Longer Rd. about one mile to the WDFW parking area on the left.

From the north, follow either Highway 101 or Center Road to Quilcene and turn left at the Whistling Oyster Tavern onto Linger Longer Road; follow about one mile to the WDFW parking area.


Private tideland boundaries adjacent to the WDFW tidelands are marked with white fiberglass posts. Some of these private tideland areas have nets stretched across the beach surface to protect farmed clams from diving ducks. Please do not trespass on private property. There are two connected parking lots for the Quilcene Bay Tidelands, both accessed from Linger Longer Road. Due to issues with a sinkhole, the southern parking lot has been blocked off to car access. Harvesters are strongly encouraged to access the tidelands using the trail that leads east down the slope from the southern parking lot. Sticky mud below the slope of the northern lot can be very treacherous. From the northern lot, walk south past the boulders blocking the connector road between the two parking lots and down the gravel embankment. Follow the hard packed path from the southern parking lot out to the tidelands. Don't stray outside the marked path or you'll end up in soft mud.

A vault toilet is located at the northernmost of the two small parking lots. There are no trash receptacles at this site. Please pack out your garbage. Public restrooms, showers, and a picnic area is located at the Herb Beck Marina at the end of Linger Longer Road. 

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