Clam, mussel, and oyster seasons OPEN for harvest year-round.

Uplands are privately owned. North and south property boundaries for the public beach are not posted. Harvesters are encouraged to avoid trespass by staying closer to mid-point of the beach. 

Access to this beach is by boat only. Hahobas is accessible by boat only. There is no upland access to this beach.

Harvest profile

This is an excellent beach for harvesting oysters that are attached to rocks and in clusters. This beach is rocky and steep and digging is difficult. The cobble substrate supports butter clams and native littlenecks at lower tidal elevations. A wide-tined potato fork works well for digging butter clams in rocky substrates. 


Hahobas is boat access only. There is no upland access to this beach. 

The nearest boat ramp is Cushman Park. There is a fee to use the Cushman boat launch.  


None. There is a bathroom at Cushman Park. Public restrooms can also be found at Hoodsport and Potlatch State Park.  

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